Tracy Eldridge

Public Safety Community Engagement Manager

Company/Employment: RapidSOS

Bio: Tracy Eldridge serves as the Public Safety Community Engagement Manager at RapidSOS. For the past 23years, Tracy has been working in Public Safety. She began her career in 1997 as a 9-1-1 dispatcher andthen became the Chief Dispatcher in Rochester, MA in 2003. Tracy also serves the Rochester communityas a firefighter/EMT in the fire department. Since 2006, she has been educating telecommunicators,EMTs and Firefighters all over the country. Tracy joined The Public Safety Group in 2013 and enjoystraveling to teach telecommunicators skills that can assist them in their duties, as well as how to takebetter care of themselves. In 2020, with the mission to create a hub for public safety training, tips, andtools, Tracy started the podcast “On Scene First with Tracy Eldridge.” Tracy has been recognizednationally for her efforts to bring awareness to PTSD and telecommunicators through conferencetraining sessions, webinars and keynote presentations.