Marcus Andronici

Senior Sales Engineer


Company/Employment: Intrado

Bio: As Principal Sales Engineer at Intrado, Marcus Andronici is uniquely qualified to help Carriers navigate through the maze of advanced and emerging wireless location technologies that subscribers expect and legislation requires. Mr. Andronici has been a strong voice for 9-1-1 within the telecommunications industry. As much as he is a subject matter experts on wireless technologies, he adeptly articulates his  technological expertise in clear, concise, practical language. His expertise is informed through a demonstrated history within the telecommunications industry, particularly with 9-1-1 and mobile technologies - from historical wireless identification systems, dependent on cell tower and pre-provisioned VoIP location information, through VoIP, OTT, VoWiFi and the latest in handset-derived location technology. Mr. Andronici has served Intrado clients for over 20 years; he holds a Bachelor of Economics degree from Ohio Wesleyan University and an M.B.A. in Marketing from Penn State University.