Jessica Lynch


Company/Employment: Hutchinson-Reno County Emergency Communications

Bio: I have worked in the 911 field for sixteen years and am one of a very limited number of people in the nation to hold all three executive credentials as an ENP, CPE, and RPL. I hold an advanced certificate in Hostage Negotiation and was the second in command for the Hostage Negotiation Unit on a Regional SWAT team for my previous agency in Oregon. I am currently a Director for Hutchinson-Reno County Emergency Communications in Hutchinson, Kansas. I have a true passion for our profession and I know the value of the work we do each day. My heart is with service to others and I am a firm believer in servant leadership. I am fortunate enough to be working for an agency with a Chief who not only allows, but very much encourages me to think outside the box and to truly prioritize my energy into caring for our team first. I am a mother to three children (5, 8, and 11) so my time outside of work consists of shuttling children to their various extracurricular activities, grocery shopping online, and juggling elementary hybrid and remote learning school work (COMMON CORE!?). Our world gets a little hectic, but at the end of the day I get to be part of something bigger than myself and I get to serve in a profession that is noble and allows me to make a difference in our community.