Jeremy Hill

Co-Manager of the consolidated Amarillo 911 center

Company/Employment: Amarillo Fire Department

Bio: Jeremy Hill serves as a veteran member of the Amarillo Fire Department (AFD). He has served in this First Responder capacity for over 20 years. Jeremy promoted to the rank of Captain in 2011. His current assignment is Co-Manager of the consolidated Amarillo 911 center where he has served for 5 years. This 911 center is the ECC for 5 agencies and processes over 500,000 calls annually. As Co-Manager he is charged with setting the climate and culture of the department of approximately 70 employees, along with applying and managing a budget of almost $5,000,000. Under his leadership, the AECC has gone from being laughed at across the country, to now being used as a benchmark standard of professionalism and innovation. Departments nationwide are using the AECC as a resource in the betterment of their own departments. Captain Hill was instrumental in gaining Telecommunicators recognition as a member of Public Safety.  The classification of “clerical” was archaic and demeaning to those serving in emergency communications.  His visionary leadership was key in leading the push for this legislative change.  Jeremy’s testimony at the State Capital, in Austin, was an integral part of the movement’s success.  He has also shaken hands with members of Congress in Washington D.C. to have the same conversation at the National level.  It is easy to see why Public Safety professionals across the country continue reaching out and seeking his guidance as they begin navigating these same challenges. Working through the ranks at AFD, Jeremy performed duties in Communications as a Dispatcher and as a Lieutenant overseeing the transition from Uniformed Dispatchers to Civilian Dispatchers. He also served as a team member on the AFD’s accreditation process. Jeremy leads the Critical Incident Stress Management team at the 911 center and is coordinating with the 911 District Office to respond to critical incidents in the Region. He is a member in good standing of Local 542 and proudly serves at Fill-the –Boot campaigns. He holds a Masters in Structural Fire Protection from the Texas Commission on Fire Protection and holds an Associates of Fire Science from Amarillo College. He is a HazMat Technician, ARFF certified, and an EMT-B. Jeremy is a member of the Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials (APCO) and graduated from the APCO Certified Public Safety Executive (CPE) program. Jeremy is currently serving as the 2020 Texas APCO President.