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Our company was founded with the intention to cyber-protect our nation’s critical infrastructure with services designed and specialized for public safety agencies and local governments. 9-1-1 is our country’s most valuable number, and cyber criminals understand that a debilitated public safety agency can cause extensive damage to our infrastructure. Our pillars of service are combined and tailored to our clients’ needs to aid them in combating this threat.

A History of Solving Public Safety Challenges

NG9-1-1 brought our mission-critical infrastructure into a new age of Information Technology, and even today continues to lead the charge. Modern 9-1-1 systems are based on next generation technologies, and this allows citizens to send texts, videos, and other sorts of data to a 9-1-1 center in order to facilitate an emergency response. All these upgrades are necessary for a faster response time in situations where minutes, even seconds matter. While this much needed implementation of new technology came with many benefits, it also came with a new and dangerous threat: cyber attacks against 9-1-1.

At SecuLore Solutions, we continue to evolve and adapt our services to cyber protect our nation’s critical infrastructure from increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks.

Meet the Team

Tim Lorello
           Tim Lorello President & CEO
  • 30+ years of telecommunication’s experience
  • 5+ years of Cybersecurity experience
  • Holder of 20 US & foreign patents
  • 15 years as CMO at a publicly traded company
  • Frequent speaker at industry events
  • Numerous published articles
  • Over a decade of work with the FCC
  • Testified on Capitol Hill

Sean Scott

Chief Technology Officer

Sean Scott


Experience You Can Trust

  • 30+ years IT and Cybersecurity
  • CEO, CTO Resilience
  • HW/SW Architect/Designer
  • Numerous Cyber Products
  • Electronic Warfare Specialist
  • Veteran, USAF


Alex Lorello

Vice President, Engineering



Engineering and Design Expertise

  • 5+ Years Cybersecurity
  • ExOffensive Security
  • Ethical Hacking Specialist
  • Software Development
  • Paladin™ Co-Inventor

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Utilizing our experience with the cyberattacks we find in public safety agencies and local governments across the country, we continually evolve our methods to stay a step ahead of cyber criminals.


Managed Cybersecurity Monitoring


Risk Assessment

Cyber-Hygiene Training

Elevate Cybersecurity Awareness Amongst Your Staff



Our Security Operations Center (SOC) team works 24/7/365 to empower our clients with the resources and allies that they need to protect our mission-critical infrastructure. Cyber attacks against public safety centers have been reported in all 50 states, so it’s not a matter of “if” you will be targeted but “when” you will be impacted by a cyber attack. 

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Training for Incident Response

Defense-In-Depth Strategy

With SecuLore Overwatch, you gain a defense-in-depth cybersecurity strategy with cutting edge technology and a team of experts that understand your mission.

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