Technology has dramatically improved our lives over the last 50 years, except for when we need it most. 911 relies on the limited information a phone call can provide and the result is often delays in dispatching and emergency responders arriving on scene, under-informed. But today, data exists that can save lives.


In partnership with public safety, RapidSOS has created the world’s first emergency response data platform that securely links life-saving data from 350M+ connected devices directly to 911 and first responders in an emergency. Through the platform, we’re providing intelligent data that supports over 4,800 Emergency Communications Centers, protecting 90%+ of people in the US, across 250 million emergencies annually.  


Partnering with innovative companies certified as RapidSOS Ready, we’re striving to reach everyone. Together, we’re empowering a faster and smarter response by sending first responders critical data like your exact location, real-time health information, and crash data. We’re united in our commitment to a safer, stronger future where technology and people work seamlessly together to save lives.

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RapidSOS Portal

RapidSOS Portal is a web-based tool for public safety agencies to see a real-time view of emergencies in their jurisdiction, access training and admin resources, and receive emergency data sources such as security, telematics, healthcare data, and more. It provides situational awareness and emergency management for 911 calls with life-saving location and additional data from the RapidSOS emergency response data platform.

Jurisdiction View is a free feature within the RapidSOS Portal. It displays active calls to 911 centers on a satellite map of the center’s jurisdiction, making it easier to manage calls across their region while simultaneously displaying crucial information about individual callers.

RapidSOS Portal also contains support and training resources for all users to learn about new features and data sources. In addition, administrators can manage permissions and data sources for every user in their organization.

Check out additional Jurisdiction View features HERE.

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RapidSOS Portal and Jurisdiction View



Blog – Introducing Jurisdiction View



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