The power to do remarkable things when it matters most is the heart of 9-1-1 and public safety

We believe that regardless of size, geography or budget, everyone in public safety should have access to the data they need when it matters most to save more lives. That’s why, since 2016, our mission has been to reduce emergency response times and improve public safety.



The RapidDeploy Difference


The only open, integrated cloud-native platform

  • Purpose-built for public safety and 9-1-1 in the 21st century
  • Built on the reliability and security of Microsoft Azure Government Cloud, the only cloud platform designed specifically for U.S. federal, state and local governments

A diverse, connected tech ecosystem

  • Technology platform partner: Microsoft Azure Government Cloud
  • IP connectivity partners: AT&T, FirstNet
  • Broad ecosystem of integrated technology partners

Subscription pricing that provides scale and savings

80% of 9-1-1 communication centers nationwide have four seats or less. RapidDeploy gives agencies with only a few employees access to the same analytics, mapping, dispatch and First Responder applications enjoyed by bigger, better-funded cities and populous states.

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RadiusPlus provides best-in-class mapping that optimizes the contextual and informational view of a location, within seconds, by integrating the most trusted and diversified data in the industry

Works alongside any call handling system


ANI/ALI integration


Deep Esri/ArcGIS integration



Two-way SMS and on-scene video streaming


5 ways RadiusPlus Mapping helps telecommunicators achieve new levels of real-time situational awareness


The stage is currently being set for a new wave of communication in support of public safety. Today, 911 calls are voice-only, requiring an integration between phone and dispatch systems. With 80% of calls made to 911 via mobile phone, RapidDeploy has already pioneered the ability for call-takers to connect with callers via 2-way SMS chat and VideoChat. Looking ahead, RapidDeploy plans to leverage new technologies and multi-media communication channels to bring call-handling, call-taking and dispatching into the 21st century.

Eclipse Analytics

Eclipse Analytics provides flexible reporting and analytics to facilitate data-driven, operational performance improvements by leveraging real-time call data.

Ad Hoc reporting

One-stop-shop for all data analysis

Standard report library and custom reports

Future-proof technology



5 ways Eclipse Analytics helps you track and improve your agency’s performance



The Future Is Now

RapidDeploy’s NextGen9-1-1 Bundle

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