Anu Appaji

Secure Information Exchange Domain Lead
First Responder Network Authority


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I am part of FirstNet Authority’s team that charts the innovation roadmap for network services and solutions that first responders rely on every day. In this role, I lead the effort to ensure that first responders are able to use the solutions of their choice on the FirstNet network to access actionable information they need, when, where, how and for how long they need it. Additionally, enabling their ability to share needed information from between solutions on the FirstNet network and with their colleagues from their agency or cooperating agencies. The focus of this effort is to make all this happen in a manner that is securely easy for first responders by ensuring single sign-on enabled access to information. Learning from experts from the public safety and technology worlds is key for accomplishing this and today I am excited to be part of this APCO panel. I draw from my 30 years of technical R&D and Product Management background in the telecom industry and I stay grateful to the immense contributions of first responders every minute, everywhere.