Hexagon’s Next-Generation Public Safety Portfolio

The HxGN OnCall portfolio offers dispatch, records management, analytics, mobility, and major events management for public safety and emergency response organizations of all sizes. HxGN OnCall is a cloud-based solution that is flexible, modular, and scalable – helping you keep up in today’s rapidly changing environment with agility and resiliency.

HxGN OnCall Portfolio 

 HxGN OnCall helps public safety agencies of all sizes be more agile and resilient through modernized capabilities including call-taking, dispatch, records, analytics, mobility, and major event management. 

HxGN OnCall Dispatch 

HxGN OnCall Dispatch provides police, fire, and EMS agencies with quality incident management and call-taking capabilities to deliver better service during emergencies and major events.

HxGN OnCall Records

HxGN OnCall Records provides a robust records management system that enables quick data entry and real-time alerts, immediate search and retrieval, and extensive reporting capabilities.

HxGN OnCall Analytics 

See your data in new ways. HxGN OnCall Analytics helps agencies overcome the challenges of raw, incomplete, incorrect data by transforming it into valuable reports.

HxGN OnCall Dispatch | Smart Advisor

Unlock the potential of AI and machine learning with HxGN OnCall Dispatch | Smart Advisor. Unique and innovative, it fills operational blind spots in emergencies.

HxGN OnCall Field Mobility Solutions 

HxGN OnCall’s field mobility solutions connect the field with dispatch and records capabilities and information to enhance public safety awareness, communication, and coordination.




Don’t miss our tech talk with John Whitehead

Securing the call center: Today’s focus on cybersecurity within call center software

Thursday, Dec 3, 1:30 p.m.

Our nation’s 911 agencies are at an increased risk for cyberattacks because of the amount of data collected, coupled with the mission-critical nature of their operations. The increasing complexity of public safety’s IT requires a careful balance between the digital footprint and the associated risk. In this session, we’ll address new methodologies to boost data security within PSAPs.


About the speaker

John Whitehead is the vice president of public safety sales for Hexagon’s Safety & Infrastructure division. He has more than 25 years of U.S. public safety experience, including 17 years at Hexagon and eight years as operations manager for Jefferson County, Missouri 911. John has served as strategic partner to many Hexagon customers across the United States. His dedication to public safety is evident through his years as a volunteer firefighter and his service as board chairman for the North Jefferson Fire District.

John Whitehead

VP of U.S. Public Safety

Hexagon’s Safety & Infrastructure division

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