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Protect, prepare, and respond to emergencies and disasters with NGA 911 proven solutions, powered by AWS.

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NGA 911: Next Generation Advanced 911

NGA 911 is a complete, customizable and reliable NG9-1-1 solution bringing secure, affordable 9-1-1 Cloud services to anywhere in the world. Our incremental deployment, patented technologies are poised to smoothly transition legacy 9-1-1 systems to the future of emergency services, with the latest NG9-1-1 technology available.
The foremost innovator in emergency calling technology services
Trusted NG9-1-1 supplier for supporting all service provider types & tiers
Leader in wireless OSP i3 ingress
Leader in delivering nationwide Text & RTT to Public Safety Agencies
Leader in i3 compliant Next Generation 9-1-1 end-to-end solutions. Our solution features enhanced cybersecurity that is fully compliant with NENA, ATIS, 3GPP, and NIST standards

NGA 911 was built for this.


Dynamic call-routing and geolocation ensure instant and accurate connectivity from the incident to the call taker.


Broadening global capabilities for incident reporting and accessibility while providing greater situational awareness.


Unlike current legacy systems in place, our NGA 911 NG Trunk will help to eliminate network downtime and provide 99.999% availability.


Visibility into technical issues, with immediate notifications and the ability to check status, history, and resolution all in one place.


Comprehensive MIS reporting available through the NGA 911 web portal. Reports are available either planned or ad hoc.


We are proud to partner with AWS for cloud infrastructure that achieves the highest possible fault tolerance and stability.

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Technology to Empower Emergency Response

NGA 911 NG Trunk

Our NGA 911 NG Trunk offers the highest level of redundancy, resiliency, and availability, ensuring the accurate hi-performance transmission of voice, text, and video in emergency telecommunications. The NGA 911 NG Trunk can be Bonded, Aggregated, Segmented, Prioritized, Secure, Routed, and Off Loaded dynamically in real-time.

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Public Safety Grade Availability

We are proud to partner with AWS for cloud infrastructure that achieves the highest possible fault tolerance and stability via AWS Regions and Availability Zones. These Availability Zones offer scalable, highly available, fault-tolerant public safety grade capacity that is simply unachievable from a single data center.

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Your Data, Your Way

The NGA 911 Dashboard was built with you in mind. It is fully customizable to provide all the information you need in one place.

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Incident Mapping

Real-time mapping of emergency calls to provide greater awareness and a more accurate response.

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See network health and performance in real-time.

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GeoSpatial Routing

Consistent, efficient and accurate call routing. One click control of the response boundary gives you greater command of call routing during emergencies or planned events.

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It's 9-1-1, it has to work...

Our Team

Strong & Experienced Leadership
Our team consists of 9-1-1 industry experts, veteran PSAP administrators, technology insiders and former first responders. Our experience and talents make us keenly aware of what PSAPs and managers both want and need in next gen 911: Proper training, Affordability, Quick implementation and utilization of all the tools next gen has to offer.

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