Technology to Reduce Callbacks, Inform Callers and Improve Staff Morale

More than 30 departments have signed on in the past 6 months in CO, NY, NJ, IL, TN, MA, AZ and CA. We are adding more centers every day for a small annual subscription.

How it Works

CueHit uses data from CAD (without requiring an interface) to automatically send texts to callers after a call into your ECC. Information about delayed responses, report number or incident number to the complainant, and pre-arrival instructions can be automatically texted to callers based on incident type, priority and even disposition. But everyone is using it to automatically send surveys and ask for feedback after your everyday, lower priority incidents. 

Caller Surveys for Accreditation and Data to Run Your Center

Centers like Metro Nashville and Albany, NY are seeing greater than 85% Positive Satisfaction Scores

Improve Staff Morale

The technology detects POSITIVE FEEDBACK and posts it in real time to a big screen TV in the center to improve morale and wellness of ECC staff. Weekly emails can be sent to each calltaker with the positive comments received from calls they managed.  

Automatic Texts to Callers

System will send report number, response updates or referrals to callers based on CAD data

Satisfaction surveys are delivered via text, not a link to a website to improve response rates.


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