Tech Talk- Public Safety Grade = Vendor, Network, and Application Layer Diversity and Visibility

Public Safety Grade – what is it and how is it achieved? In this session we discuss the history of the concept and the realities that have stood in the way of achieving it. Cloud computing, server and application virtualization and Software Defined Networking (SDN) are tools available to experienced engineering teams that can be used to make PSG a reality. Join us to learn more and participate in this important discussion.

Tech Talk- Portable Dispatch Platforms for First Responders

FirstNet, AT&T Public Safety Sales, and RapidDeploy partner to provide awareness of next generation 9-1-1 Call Handling and Computer Aided Dispatch. When a request for service is delivered to call handling platforms, Computer Aided Dispatch can then be employed to connect the 9-1-1 Dispatcher to information that resides off premise, or in “The Cloud”, as well using LTE to interface with assets in the field. Learning about the opportunity for improved situational awareness by removing data silos across applications is core to this presentation. An additional area of education that will be presented is sharing the real time reflection of GIS updates published to the PSAP’s Esri infrastructure.

ECC Directors Roundtable

Hear from the practitioners – directors of 9-1-1 centers – on what they need to achieve the vision of an advanced, broadband-enabled, emergency communications solution.

APCO Legislative Updates

APCO’s Senior Counsel will provide an update on key legislative developments impacting Emergency Communications Centers including the PROTECT 9-1-1 Act, 9-1-1 SAVES Act, and the Emergency Reporting Act.