Every Moment Counts

Whether you’re protecting your complex and interconnected network from attacks or diagnosing performance issues, every extra moment puts your critical infrastructure or city in danger.


Any additional minute means more damage. Each excess second your network isn’t at peak performance equals lost money and resources. 

 Cynamics for public safety

Public safety agencies, such as Fire, Police and EMS, depend on digital communication to respond to emergent situations with speed and accuracy.

The complex and interconnected networks that support Emergency Communication Centers (ECC) are no strangers to cyber attacks.

These mission critical networks are seen by attackers as soft targets to help them gain entry to higher value targets. 

Not only are attacks to Emergency Communication Centers (ECC) costly, they can put lives in danger.

Keeping attackers out of these sensitive networks is paramount. But to do that, network operators must obtain visibility into all network layers and components, which has proven to be incredibly difficult to put into action.

The Cynamics AI-based Network Visibility Solution

Keep your networks continuously secured and optimized with Cynamics. It’s instant and 100% accurate coverage and visibility into the threats and risks facing your networks and the ability to stop and mitigate them. 

Discover Blindspots

Get total visibility to assess security posture and see what you’ve been missing

Expose Backdoors

Understand and remediate vulnerabilities to keep attackers out

Predict Attacks

Find hidden attack patterns in real-time before they hit

Optimize Performance

Refine network performance to ensure continuous health and quality

What makes Cynamics different?

Patented algorithms predict and prevent attacks in real-time before they can harm your networks

Fast and simple set up, no network modifications required

Purpose-built for scale, extending total coverage other monitoring solutions can’t

Unique approach saves teams thousands of dollars each year


Radically small traffic samples grant 100% visibility, so no event goes unchecked and no anomaly goes undetected



“I didn’t believe it when Cynamics told me how easy it was to onboard our network. I am a believer now, and have gained unparalleled visibility of our smart city network.”

Brandon Branham Chief Technology Officer/Assistant City Manager, Peachtree Corners GA

“Cynamics is easily and quickly deployed. A person who works with the county can learn it quickly, so you can deploy it quickly.”

Phil Frieder CIO Fayette County GA


”I have used plenty of network monitoring tools throughout my career and even built my own, trying to find a solution to my problem of finding anomalies and predicting threats. Cynamics has seemingly done the impossible by creating a solution that is friction-less to deploy, not signature based, understands the network from day 1, continuously learns, provides the threat prediction I need and does not break the bank.”

Jim Walker Chief Security Officer Syntervision, Inc.



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